1. Projects Featuring Bend Goods Modern Wire Furniture Designs

    Bend Goods has been a well established furniture company in the design world for over a decade now, having started just a little over ten years ago. We have had many opportunities to be featured in a variety of commercial and residential projects. While we love every single one of the projects...
  2. Trending 2022 Colors and Inspirational Ideas

    It's Very Peri! 2022's color of the year. This is a huge step back in the right direction from 2021. Yikes, who was into last year's Ultimate Gray with Illuminating? Not us, let's not waste...
  3. An Intimate Look At The Loveseat

    What is a Loveseat? First and most importantly it's not a sofa. A loveseat aficionado would have more to say about the two, but we'll simply stat...
  4. Fathers of Design - Celebrating Influential Designers

    In honor of all the incredible Fathers we are celebrating this Fathers Day, the team at Bend wanted to share our honorable list of men that have h...
  5. Revive your space with the Rachel Stools!

    Bend Goods takes pride in creating staples for your space- because who wants boring decor? Our Rachel Stools are in stock and just in time for Sum...
  6. Modular Art - Unlimited Layout Options

    We understand that sometimes, purchasing new furniture to change your aesthetic or spice up your space is not always possible. Instead of complete...
  7. One-Off Pieces: The Plush Bench

    Our signature wire designs have made Bend Goods the iconic brand that it is today. Whilst we are still excited for the future continuing with wire...
  8. Bend Goods in John Lautner Residence

    The iconic Sheats-Goldstein Residence is an architectural masterpiece known religiously worldwide. Built into hillside Beverly Hills, California, ...
  9. Bend Goods in LACMA Collection

    Bend joins the Decorative Arts and Design collection at LACMA!
  10. The Adventure Continues

    We're celebrating 10 Years of design as we look to the future.
  11. A Softer Side of Bend

    We designed an upholstery line, we can't wait to show you!
  12. The Rachel Chair Padding is here. Order today!

    A unique addition to your chair, available today.
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