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Sheats–Goldstein Residence

Bend Goods' Lucy Chairs and Stools grace the outdoor entertaining areas of John Lautner's architectural masterpiece, the Sheats-Goldstein residence, nestled in Los Angeles. These chairs seamlessly complement the iconic building, conceived from the inside out and integrated with the natural surroundings by being built into the sandstone ledge of the hillside. Lautner's visionary design eschews conventional box-like structures, favoring angular walls, built-in furniture, and an open floor plan that blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors using concrete and glass. The Sheats-Goldstein residence has become a cultural touchstone, featured in films like Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, The Big Lebowski, and Bandits.

Stacking Lucy Chair

Workshop Kitchen + Bar

Housed in a transformed 90-year-old movie theater, is a James Beard Award-winning restaurant helmed by Chef Michael Beckman. With a focus on farm-to-table cuisine and skillfully crafted cocktails, the classic cocktail bar showcases timeless charm and award-winning design. The patio, graced by Ethel chairs for a decade, embodies durability and style, seamlessly fitting into the hospitality project's commitment to excellence. As patrons relish the impeccable blend of local ingredients and creative cocktails, the Ethel chairs stand as a testament to enduring quality, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Ethel Chairs & Lucy Bar Stools


Studio UNLTD's exceptional prowess in restaurant design shines brilliantly through their creation, Bavel, nestled in the heart of Downtown LA. This culinary gem is a true testament to their artistic ingenuity. Bavel defies convention with an enchanting ambiance and amazing food.  As you embark on this sensory journey, our Bend Goods Lucy Stools emerge as an integral part of the narrative, seamlessly weaving a modern essence into the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern influences. Bend Goods' versatile range of styles and colors ensures a perfect fit for various hospitality environments, effortlessly enhancing every space they grace.

Bavel Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

Lucy Bar Stools

The Plot Restaurant

Discover a perfect blend of style and sustainability at The Plot Restaurant, a culinary gem nestled in Oceanside, California, and rightfully crowned one of Tasting Table's 20 Best Restaurants in San Diego. The Plot's commitment to excellence is beautifully mirrored in their choice of furnishings. Our Bend Goods Rachel and Lucy chairs stand strong and sturdy, complementing the award-winning dining experience. With an unwavering dedication to plant-based cuisine and zero waste practices, The Plot crafts delectable, boundary-pushing dishes that tantalize the taste buds while nurturing our planet. As you savor their innovative creations, the comfort and elegance of Bend Goods chairs embrace you, creating a harmonious connection between your dining journey and the ethos of conscious dining.

The Plot Restaurant, Oceanside, CA

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Lucianna McIntosh

Rachel Chair & Stacking Lucy Bar Stools

MIA Market Lucy Dining Chair

MIA Market

Experience design and durability at MIA Market in Miami, FL, where our Bend Goods Lucy Dining Chairs take center stage. Crafted in stainless steel versions, these chairs effortlessly withstand the ocean's proximity, making them a resilient choice for this vibrant coastal locale. As a culinary gem nestled in the heart of the Design District, MIA Market has become a haven for 11 distinct vendors and a celebrated craft cocktail bar. The market's design-forward interior, infused with the signature Miami flare, resonates with its status as the inaugural recipient of the "Best Restaurant" food hall industry award. Amidst the dynamic atmosphere, our Lucy Dining Chairs seamlessly blend style and substance, ensuring both comfort and resilience of MIA Market Miami.

MIA Market, Miami, FL

Lucy Chair


Sweetfin is making a big splash in the poke industry with its innovative fine-casual restaurant concept. Guided by an unwavering commitment to sustainability that's at the heart of what they do, Sweetfin proudly embraces the 'pole to bowl' ethos, ensuring the sourcing of the most environmentally responsible fish available. Bend Goods, synonymous with ingenious design, has collaborated with Sweetfin to create distinctive and purposeful furniture pieces that grace several of their locations. Sweetfin is not only redefining the poke experience but also elevating our collective responsibility towards the planet. The design space features Sweet Stools, Cafe Tables, and Lucy Stools, all of which are durable and long-lasting

Sweetfin, Los Angeles, CA

Sweet Stool

Flower & Cream

Step into a world of culinary artistry and captivating flavors at Flower & Cream, an artisan ice cream shop nestled in the heart of Houston, TX. Much like the masterful creation of their unique ice cream flavors, Flower & Cream has carefully curated an atmosphere that exudes freshness and creativity. Our distinctive cafe tables, gracing this charming establishment, seamlessly complement their dedication to crafting small batches of ice cream using premium and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. An unforgettable sensory experience that celebrates both flavor and design.

Flower & Cream , Houston, TX

Cafe Table

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