Cube Sofa

Modular Upholstery

Elevate your space with The Cube Sofa – versatile upholstery
that effortlessly blends into any environment, whether used alone or
as part of a modular configuration. With its elegance and geometric
precision, it creates an irresistible allure, becoming the centerpiece
of any room. Discover the ultimate in style, comfort,
and customization with The Cube Sofa.

Tube Collection

Our Newest Body of Work - Winter 2023!

Rita Arm Chair

Graceful, curved armrests welcome you,
evoking nature's beauty and providing a comfy armrest.
Its sophisticated silhouette suits dining gatherings,
offering ergonomic comfort. Ideal for commercial and
hospitality spaces, it's sturdy and open in design.

New Stone Top
for Bistro Table

Comprised of ceramic stone, this table top is
not only stunningly beautiful but also highly durable.
Its stain and scratch-resistant properties ensure that
it remains in pristine condition, even in high-traffic areas.

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