The Cube Sofa

Customizable Modular Upholstery

Sculptural Design with Endless Possibilities

The Cube Sofa embodies a sculptural and modular design, offering limitless combinations. Its playful form, where the backrest and seat seamlessly merge, creates a captivating profile from every angle. Easily separated and rearranged, these pieces provide flexible solutions for various projects and living spaces.

Inviting Comfort

Experience firm yet cloud-like comfort with rounded square shapes. The sectional elements empower you to craft your unique living room landscape, complete with an extra-deep seat for ultimate relaxation.

Inspired by 70s Italian Luxury Furniture

The Cube Sofa represents our contemporary interpretation of the glamorous and sophisticated Italian design of the 1970s. It's characterized by iconic rounded shapes and fluid, curvaceous contours, departing from the mid-century era's rigid lines and minimalism. The back boasts a line-break detail that adds visual intrigue, establishing it as a striking and irresistible choice for interior designers, particularly when positioned as the room's centerpiece. Its minimalist yet rounded design features distinctive curves, making it the perfect focal point for any space.


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