Five Outdoor Trends 2023

Five Outdoor Trends 2023

The outdoor trends for 2023 are already heating up! We've seen a huge rise in outdoor furniture being used to create outdoor oases that bring the indoors out. Whether it's cozy seating areas, outdoor kitchens or inviting hammocks, outdoor furniture is making an impact on how people use their outdoor spaces. With its ability to provide comfort and convenience, outdoor furniture is quickly becoming a must-have item. Who knows what outdoor trends will be big in 2023? Keep your eyes open and get ready for the outdoor transformation!


1.  Indoor-Outdoor Merge

2023 is all about merging outdoor and indoor spaces, mixing outdoor furniture with outdoor plants to create a cozy outdoor haven. From outdoor daybeds and outdoor dining tables, to outdoor kitchen appliances and outdoor lighting – outdoor living areas are taking over! Bring the indoors out for an unforgettable 2023 experience. Tech-Friendly Spaces:


2.  Use of Natural Materials

The outdoor trend that's sure to keep growing is making use of natural materials. Natural materials have great aesthetic appeal, can last for years and are often more eco-friendly than other materials. Wood, rattan and wicker outdoor furniture are especially popular right now and show no signs of slowing down in the coming year. Whether it's outdoor dining sets or outdoor lounge chairs, natural materials can make your outdoor space look chic while being sustainable too!


3.  Lighting

Don't forget about lighting when creating your outdoor space. Lighting not only helps you see during evening outdoor gatherings, but it can also create an inviting atmosphere. String lights, solar lights and even outdoor chandeliers are all great options for adding a little extra something to your outdoor area. In 2023, get ready to step up your outdoor lighting game!


4.  Wire furniture

Wire furniture in a big outdoor trend for 2023. Lightweight and airy, wire furniture creates a unique outdoor look. It can be used for outdoor dining sets or outdoor seating areas to add a modern touch. With its chic design and durability, it's no wonder why people are falling in love with wire outdoor furniture!  Check out the Bend Goods Get-Together dining table with Lucy chairs.  It's perfect for outdoor dining.  

5.  Don't forget the Greenery

No outdoor space is complete without some greenery. In 2023, outdoor plants are having their moment. From outdoor privacy walls to vertical gardens and even outdoor kitchens, plants can add a touch of beauty and bring life to your outdoor area. Not only do they look great, but they also improve air quality and reduce stress levels. Get ready to take outdoor decorating to the next level with some lush outdoor plants!


Are you ready to make outdoor living dreams a reality in 2023? Whether it's outdoor furniture, natural materials or lighting that catches your eye, outdoor trends are sure to be hot this year. Get creative and explore outdoor trends for the perfect outdoor oasis!


Happy outdooring! :)


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