The Tube Collection:<br>Now in Production!

The Tube Collection:
Now in Production!

Exciting news! The Tube Collection is officially in production, marking a significant milestone after years of meticulous design and exploration. This new line by Bend Goods, our first fully indoor collection, is poised to revolutionize the world of furniture design. The emotions, challenges, and triumphs that shaped the Tube Collection have all been part of an exciting journey.

Breaking Away from Tradition: The Tube Collection emerged from a desire to break away from Bend Goods' traditional thin wires. Embracing a bold, chunky, and contemporary aesthetic, our journey took us into the realms of new materials, shapes, and structures.

Iconic Tubular Cantilevered Look: At the heart of the Tube Collection lies our iconic tubular cantilevered look, meticulously crafted from lightweight aluminum. This seat insert provides a standout feature, offering endless possibilities with a variety of materials, including fabric, boucle, vegan leather, or even an oak wood insert, creating unique curves around the front seat and backrest. The result is a collection that allows for unlimited personalization.

Understanding Materials and Craftsmanship: The Tube Collection reflects our commitment to understanding materials, machines, packaging, and assembly. We collaborated with teams of welders, engineers, and explored new materials. The versatility of aluminum emerged as a key player, striking a perfect balance between durability and tubular design. Utilizing our 3D modeling skills, we transformed concepts into tangible prototypes, providing product longevity to ensure each piece exceeds expectations.

Tube Bending Basics: Tube bending is a nuanced process often perceived as a mysterious art, but its core principles have remained unchanged for decades. The essential variables in achieving a perfect bend are tube material, tooling, lubrication, and the machine. Despite technological advancements, the mechanical magic cannot alter physics. Understanding the characteristics of tube material, utilizing precise tooling setups, and applying suitable lubrication are crucial for navigating the intricacies of tube bending. Regardless of working with tube or pipe, the key factors for success remain consistent: material selection, machine capabilities, precise tooling, and effective lubrication.

Exciting Unveiling and Future Plans:

In the coming weeks, we are thrilled to unveil our first indoor collection, the Tube Collection. This launch signifies a fresh new era in the design world, and we can't wait to share it with you. We are also working on an outdoor version. Stay tuned for the grand unveiling!

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