Projects Featuring Bend Goods Modern Wire Furniture Designs

Projects Featuring Bend Goods Modern Wire Furniture Designs
Bend Goods has been a well established furniture company in the design world for over a decade now, having started just a little over ten years ago. We have had many opportunities to be featured in a variety of commercial and residential projects. While we love every single one of the projects that highlights Bend Goods furniture, we simply cannot elaborate on all of them. But, we've decided to share a few of our current favorites, and we are not holding back on the details. Get to know what products work in the best settings, as well as some must know facts about the locations featuring the Goods.
To kick off the list our first feature is Solicita! Why is Solicita first you must ask? One word: FOOD. Ok two words Mexican Food. We all love food but Mexican food is a weekly go here at Bend Goods. This particular location is located in downtown Houston, Texas!
Solicita Restaurant Facade Photo
The owner Debbie Love fell in love with the sterling-mining town Taxco, on a trip
to Mexico backdrops, fresh fruit carts, and everyone eating outside.
Lucy Wire Chair Featured at Solicita Eatery
Its no wonder they chose the Stacking Lucy Chair to be their main outdoor dining chair. A classic chair design that's reminiscent of mid-century modern and considered a contemporary design today. The chair is a timeless design and is made for the outdoors. Seating outdoors is a place to be loud, converse about whatever you may wish and eat all the Mexican food you can. Don't worry about making a mess outdoors. This chair design is stackable and is easily cleanable. Just spray off all the patio, chairs included. Or for a minor spill a quick wipe with a wet rag. Solicita really is our top favorite project at the moment, it's so fresh and inviting with a nostalgic classic Taxco feel. And if you're wondering what we like most at the restaurant...Go for the Chicken Tinga with a Hibiscus Rosemary beverage!
     Bend Goods wire furniture is often seen around the world in commercial settings, but our wire furniture is great for residential use as well. The lightweight lounge chairs and variety of outdoor side tables makes it an ideal selection for apartment balconies, especially if your up a few floors. They are also perfect for small backyard patios, as they will add style and color without taking up much room. 
     Erika Carlock and instagram influencer is just one of many who captured the essence of our Bunny lounge chairs. Be sure to check her out @erikacarlock. She's excellent at creating that southern california desert vibe, lots of light pastel colors. She chose a custom color similar to the light pastel desert colors often seen on her social media. This brings her backyard patio together so perfectly, we are in love with the feminine and relaxing vibe that it's giving us. 
Bend Goods wire furniture in a residential setting
Keeping it subtle she pairs the Bunny Lounge chair with a White Cono side table and Sunbrella Seat Pads. It's a clean look for sure, keeping the small space looking bright and open making sure not to make it feel cluttered. 
     Last on our list of projects we wanted to share with you is Urth Caffe's LAX location! It's a truly stunning interior design that encompasses a unique blend of shimmering metallics and ornate patterns throughout. With touches of raw wood and marble finishes, the blend of aesthetics creates its own style that looks to be welcoming to all. We think its a wholesome approach to an area that attracts people from all over the world.
Urth Cafe located in Los Angeles International Airport
"Urth Caffé's menu offers a fresh, healthy, sustainable way of eating, drinking and living by using 100% natural ingredients completely free of any artificial ingredients or GMOs''. Urth Caffe chose to highlight our metallic Copper Lucy Bar Stools and they look fantastic. An eye catching appeal for those airport visitors walking by.
Urth Cafe with customers enjoying the Barstools located inside at the bar
Our signature Lucy Chair design is BIFMA tested which means you can relax and be reassured the Lucy chair is a durable design that will last a lifetime with constant traffic use from all around the globe. It's the perfect design from our collection for Los Angeles International Airport. It's also a design seen used in numerous different countries and also featured at another airport in Australia, the Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport. It's a familiar design that makes visitors feel at home. 
     Bend Goods wire furniture is a proven durable and versatile collection of products that's well designed to cater to anyone's style and needs. Over the last decade we are enlightened to have been a part of so many projects. We love seeing our chairs in eateries like Solicita, residential spaces like Erikas and of course International Airports! We cannot wait to share with you our current projects that are in the moment as we speak. Stay tuned. Well wishes from Bend Goods.

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