Trending 2022 Colors and Inspirational Ideas

It's Very Peri! 2022's color of the year. This is a huge step back in the right direction from 2021. Yikes, who was into last year's Ultimate Gray with Illuminating? Not us, let's not waste anymore time discussing that atrocity. Very Peri is a huge favorite for us and we're happy to explore and find out which interior designers are using it. We are also going to share with you some of our wire furniture we think needs a custom coat of Very Peri.

     According to Hommes Studio they have decided that this new color has been created specifically for commercial space and we couldn't agree more. With 2022 being a year that many have settled into their new work environments, there's been plenty of makeover interior designs for the workplace. And possibly how Very Peri has made it to Pantone Color of The Year. "Very Peri is simultaneously feminine, powerful, futuristic, and joyful. This blend of blue and red is a great color for commercial interior design projects". This got us thinking why commercial and not residential and here's what they had to say, "In residential interior design, Very Peri bombs on tapestry, upholstery, and home accessories. And if you could only match Very Peri with one interior design style that would be the Memphis Design Style." We took their word for it considering Mephis style is not for everyone, kind of an acquired taste really. But for a work environment or commercial space such as a cafe, Very Peri excels at creating a distinguished setting. For example, Cafe Krujok by designers Kety Pitiskaya and Eduard Eremchuk. The design relies almost entirely on the beauty of this hue as it sets an inspiring vibe paired with a neutral tan. It's a well played design and creates a sense of focus on the shape of the furniture designs throughout Cafe Krujok. Its a clean minimalist design that's carried heavily by Very Peri, one of the best examples so far for 2022.


A stunning example of a workplace using Pantone's 2022 color of the year is the Cabinette Co-working space in Valencia, Spain. They use the color sparingly on an accent wall and its amazing how the color wraps its way up to the ceiling and back down. The color not only is on the wall but it continues to be used on the curtain fabric as well as the textured ceiling panels. It is paired with some other colors that are trending for 2022, a mellow Wave Top Blue, and a Perfect Penny Red. It has a real futuristic and powerful vibe.


We couldn't help but be inspired by this year's Pantone color so we've put together a few images of our own wire furniture designs sporting the new Very Peri. Check out our custom color patio set, the Lucy Stacking Chairs and the Cafe Table! This set is the perfect size for a California bungalow style home or multiple sets for outdoor dining areas. We couldn't help ourselves and also added Very Peri to one of our lounge chair designs, the Hot Seat. She's looking very stylish in this color, a powerful representaion of feminism.


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