An Intimate Look At The Loveseat

What is a Loveseat?

First and most importantly it's not a sofa. A loveseat aficionado would have more to say about the two, but we'll simply state the difference is that a loveseat is smaller than a sofa. A loveseat is more of a statement piece, something viceral and enticing. Most importantly it's well known that it will comfortably seat two closely. A loveseat can be found in any room of a home, there is no one place it's meant to go. The flexibility on placement is endless. They are well suited for outdoor gardens, patios and even restaurants and hotel lobbies. Some reasons a loveseat is so versatile is that they come in all different styles and are small enough to fit just about anywhere. So if you are into modern design or contemporary design, just getting your first apartment or a well established entrepreneur there's a loveseat for you. 
Queen Victoria sitting with a companion in a love seat or ‘social seat’, as they were also known, designed for garden use The Royal Photographic Society Collection/Victoria and Albert Museum, London/Getty Images 

Brief History

The loveseat was first introduced as a solution for women struggling with 17th-18th century fashion. Back then choice on fashion was limited and women endured heavily layered fabric dresses on the daily. The struggle was real and the loveseat was the solution. A woman could sit more comfortably with her elaborate dress designs on a loveseat rather than a standard chair. Overtime women's fashion evolved to be more practical and dress sizes slimmed. But the loveseat stayed and couples would begin to share the seating space, thus the name loveseat.

image: wikicommons 

Different Kinds

From the 17th century to present day the loveseat went from a tool for accommodation, to somewhat of a statement piece. Evolution of the loveseat from centuries ago to now has created the wide range of styles we can find today. The first loveseats were made from solid ornate wood and did not include any upholstery to the furniture design. Upholstery and metals started appearing in the designs in the mid 19th century as furniture design aesthetics became more of a priority. The tight back and seat design was the style for the evolving loveseat in the 19th century. This style design had a very firm and tight fabric upholstery over the wood framing that did include stuffed padding but not cushions. 


Today we can find metal and wood variations that can be used indoors and outdoors, with padding and without padding. The best example of today's modern design is The Love Seat designed by the Bend Goods team. One of their earlier designs that has been modified over the years to true perfection. This love seat is exceptionally durable and perfect for outdoors as it is entirely made of metal. The overall shape conforms to your body allowing you to relax and rest your arms in modern style. It comes with the option for a custom made pad in a variety of sunbrella fabric colors. Click Here for the details on Bend Goods Loveseat!

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