The X-Ti Multitool SeriesBehind The Bend

Since the beginning of Bend, we have been lucky to have had some exceptional interns. A majority of them have come from product design programs at various art schools here in Southern California. One of our current interns, Grayson Hild just launched a Kickstarter for a series of keychains he developed that has skate, surf or bike tools built in and we thought that we would let you know. Check out the description below for the super function and also stylish tool. By the way, they also double as a bottle opener and that is the function that we here at Bend will be utilizing the most.

The X-Ti Multitool Series is a collection of minimal Titanium keychain multitools. The collection consists of three models, each with specific features tailored to different lifestyles. The three models in the X-Ti Multitool Series are the Skate, Bike, and Surf. Each model has the essential tools you might need while skateboarding, cycling, or surfing, and all three tools also function as a bottle opener. All three models are CNC Machined from grade 5 Titanium, and are smaller than an average house key.

We really like the style and functionality of these products and hope that you do too. You can visit Grayson's Kickstarter page HERE and help fund and/or pre-order the first production run for the X-Ti Multitool Series. Our interns are the best and we think they are going to change the world!






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