The Pointy House Behind The Bend

We are officially getting down to the wire with renovations on the once Color Lab now officially titled Bend Pointy House. With some of the finishes starting to go in, we thought we would give you a little Behind the Bend update. This process has been a lot of fun for us and a great way to experiment and stretch our creative legs in a brand new way. We are very excited with the results and itching to do a big reveal in the months to come. In the mean time, check out the photos below and see what's been going on.

Update image 1

From this first photo you can quickly see where the Pointy House gets her name. We've taken some pretty design forward risks with the overall style of the 1920's tudor home.

Update image 2

As you can see we are also carrying that contemporary modern style into the bathrooms as well. This gorgeous white tile mixed with the white cabinetry is going to really give the space a fresh and clean look. We definitely still have some surprises up our selves though for the bathrooms that we'll keep for the final reveal later this year.

Update image 3

We decided to offset some of the more over the top style choices with some that are a little more standard contemporary. We decided that keeping the cabinetry in the kitchen more flush and in all white would allow the pointy details to really stand out. We also went with a white fridge that will blend seamlessly with the cabinets.






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