Seek 2b Original: The Bend Brand Behind The Bend

With all of the knock-offs that continue to pop-up world wide, we are taking every measure we can to make sure you know when you're encountering the Goods versus the Bads! Next to design, quality and comfort we have started to employ a more obvious, physical indication of real Bend Goods products. When you look under the seat of all the chairs from our first collection, you'll notice a little added branding. Right in front of the first bar of the seat, stamped in the metal, you'll see the words "Designed by" and then the Bend logo. Just a quick and easy indicator that you are looking at the original.

The reason that we take this issue so seriously is that we not only put our hearts and souls into these designs but also a lot of durability and integrity. When we have companies popping up claiming that they are part of us, selling product that we make, it makes us look bad when their product is not to our quality standards. We hope that starting these branding initiatives will help set the record straight and at least let consumers know what they are dealing with. At the end of the day, everyone is going to make their own decision, we just want everyone to have the chance to make an informed one.




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