The Wax Side TableBehind The Bend

Opportunities to collaborate with other innovative product designers always rev us up here at Bend. So when we met Tyler Jorgenson from Wax Surf Co. we saw an amazing opportunity to create an unique and unprecedented product for both our companies. After putting our heads together, we came up with an amazing piece that represents both companies perfectly: the Wax Side Table.

With the popularity of our Plant Stand that launched last year, we wanted to create a variation of that design by transforming the piece into a table using a resin top. The table tops are made from recycled resin material that Wax Surf Co. uses to create its custom surf boards. Each eco-friendly table top is entirely bespoke according to the colors that you select. Once created, the top cannot be reproduced - making your Wax Side Table completely unique from any other.

We are super excited to explore this partnership with Wax Surf Co. with the launch of this piece! The Wax Side Table is available now with white and black base color options and custom resin table top colors. Check out the shop now for details!

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