The Story Behind The BearBehind The Bend

During the months following the 2016 Presidential Election there has been a large amount of unrest over the political future of our country. The widespread support of the various political marches across the country inspired the Bend team to come up with a way to contribute to civil liberties causes in our own special way. As a design based company, we thought it was only appropriate to create an original Bend piece that represents our views on sociopolitical progress. After much deliberation we landed on the perfect idea: the Marching Bear sculpture.

The Marching Bear is modeled after a bear trudging forward on its hind legs with a paw raised in salute. The idea of a marching bear references the marches that have taken place since the Election while incorporating the bear as a fierce character that never stops fighting for what is right. Subsequently, the Marching Bear took on another meaning as a symbol for wildlife conservation and helped us choose to support a philanthropy that fights for environmental protection causes. As a California based company, environmental protection is at the forefront of our minds as the great outdoors are an integral part of the SoCal lifestyle. Bend hopes to bring attention to the challenges facing our planet and the organizations that are fighting to protect it with its creation of the metal wire Marching Bear sculpture.

A portion of the proceeds from all sales of the Marching Bears will be donated to The League of Conservation Voters to support the charity’s efforts for environmental conservation and fight against legislation that threatens the progress made for environmental conservation. Come see the Bears in person at our booth at Wanted Design in Manhattan, beginning on May 20th, to learn more about Bend’s charitable efforts and new products. If you'd like to be a part of the #marchingbear story, take a photo of our booth and the Marching Bears and post it to Instagram. If you post the photo using #marchingbear and tag us (@bendgoods) you will be entered to win a free Marching Bear sculpture! The image must be posted by May 24th to qualify. We hope to see you this weekend at Wanted Design Manhattan!

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