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With multiple renovations going on internally here at Bend Goods, we find ourselves spending a lot of time researching and talking about the latest home decor trends. From black stainless steel kitchen appliances to granny floral prints for your sofa, we have to say, we kind of love how disjointed this year seems to be design trend wise. With the help of Elle Decor, we are breaking some of or favorites down for you. Check out our top 5 from Elle's list of 15 below. You can go HERE for the rest of the list. It's a bit of a mishmash that we can definitely get behind.

1. Black Stainless Steel Appliances - The most popular appliance colors seem to change every few years - Remember the days of pastel ovens? - and now polished stainless steel is on the way out, according to Houzz. Instead of gleaming appliances, sleek black stainless steel is the trend of the moment.

2. Granny Florals - This year, designers look to the big, blows blooms of the past, filling fashion runways and the home with blooming granny florals.

3. Mixed Materials In Kitchens - This year, kitchens are eschewing the perfect, polished look for the more eclectic vibe. Instead of only incorporating one or two materials, homeowners are turning to a variety of opposing styles to create truly personalized spaces. We're seeing combinations like a rustic wood ceiling, a white subway tile backsplash, a vintage inspired rug, and shiny white counter tops.

4. Tech-less Living Rooms - Tech-filled homes certainly aren't going anywhere, but more and more families are opting to keep their family rooms unplugged in order to facilitate more family time, says Houzz.

5. Technicolor Stripes - Playful colors are making a splash in 2016, with rainbow shades appearing on everything from bookshelves to shoes.






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