The Marching Bear Goes to the EmmysBehind The Bend

A few months back, we launched our Where’s the Bear Instagram campaign to debut the Marching Bear Statuette. The idea behind the campaign was for the Bear to travel from location to location with different prominent figures on Instagram who work in a multitude of different industries. So far the Bear has made his way all over Los Angeles, to Australia, and to Miami! But, on Sunday, the Marching Bear got to go where no Bend piece (or Bend employee) has ever gone before: The Emmys! Our good friend Julie Chang, of Fox LA, was covering the Emmys red carpet and graciously offered to bring the Bear along for a bit of #wheresthebear action with the Stars.

We absolutely love working with Julie as she is a funny, hardworking, and kind person who is always down for something fun and creative! So we dressed the Bear up in his awards show best and sent him on his way to watch the actors and actresses do their thing at the Staples Center. The Bear made his way with Julie and her team and watched as the celebs waltzed down the carpet to the show. Luckily for us, he got to jump on the carpet and have a celebrity moment of his own - Bend style!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram for the next #wheresthebear installment! The traveling will continue and the locations will keep getting better and better. We can’t wait to show you where this little guys goes next!



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