Bend on the Pottery WheelBehind The Bend

We are fortunate at Bend to have an amazing team that not only works well together, but also gets along outside of the office. Our extracurricular friendships make it easy for us to choose fun team building exercises and this time was no exception. When we began brainstorming ideas for this outing we determined that we wanted to do something hands on. We thought about going on a hike or even doing a cooking class, but that didn’t quite satisfy our creative craving. Finally, we found something that checked all of our boxes: a pottery class. Luckily for us, Bitter Root Pottery is walking distance from our office and was willing to take all nine of us for an amateur adventure into the world of pottery.

Bitter Root is the perfect place for people who know nothing about working a pottery wheel to try out the craft. We all began by grabbing a lump of clay and throwing it on the wheel. Working clay is way more difficult that we expected and the process was long but fun! We all were tasked with making a small bowl that we could use at home. By the end of the class we were all covered in clay and laughing about how funny the process was! After shaping up our pieces, we chose some colorful glazes for each one to go along with our home decor.

It takes a few weeks for Bitter Root to glaze and fire the pieces, but it is well worth the wait! Their team is extremely patient and worked to make our pieces look way more professional than we ever could have. Every piece that our team made turned out beautifully and we have already used them to house some snacks for the office. If you are looking for a place to take a pottery class, check out their studio - you won’t regret it!



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