A New Bend For The BistroBehind The Bend

Every once in a while we like to change a design to give it a new edge or look. This can be for a whole host of reasons, from aesthetics to functionality, that help to improve upon the original design. Most recently, we began looking for ways to make our Bistro Table even more sturdy and functional than its predecessor. The Bistro is our premier indoor/outdoor dining table option in the collection (available in White, Black, Peacock Blue, and Peachy Pink) that is steeped in history.

The historical inspiration behind this design comes from the traditional Bistro Table that was made popular in France during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These tables were made of painted iron, with simple round tops and various intricate base designs. The style caught our eye and we immediately transformed this traditional design and gave it the Bend look with bright colors, our signature wire metal base, and a Marble tabletop.

The first Bend Bistro Table design, featuring a Marble tabletop, is perfect for any indoor option; but, as we tested the marble top, we decided that an outdoor proof top was a necessity. Enter the new metal tabletop. The all-new metal tabletop is made of powder coated sheet metal available in White, Black, and Peacock Blue. These tabletops can match the table base or can be mixed together for a two-toned, funky look. The all metal Bistro references the authentic French Bistro tables of yesteryear while staying true to the Bend aesthetic and we couldn't be happier to officially launch this update to the design!

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