The Best Ways To Decorate Your Interior Home

Interior Accents & Home Decor, An Opportunity For Self Expression

Decorating your home whether it be eclectic, modern, contemporary or minimalistic, it's all an opportunity to express who you are as an individual. But...that's not all. Home decor is more than self expression, it can be a way to store your goods in a fashionable manner with accessory products such as baskets. Or it can be a way to add dynamic visuals to a space that may seem too static. Home accents can also bring in colors and textures that your home needs. Homes have needs too! Not confident in styling your home, that's ok we are going to list a few easy and affordable ways to accomplish a beautiful interior transformation. 

Wall Art That's Adaptive To Your Needs

Don't be afraid to pick out some wall art. Wall art can be anything from framed pictures, sconces, sculptural and even modular. Adding decor to walls is a way to spice up your living space, it's a way to bring in some dynamic appeal and or textures that your home may otherwise be lacking. 
Our top choice for you, and with a link provided is The Modular Art Piece by Bend Goods. If your home is modern or minimalistic then this is for you. The Art Piece brings energy and movement to your space balancing out a modern home style. It's the ultimate complimentary decor. A modular design allows you to create the art layout that you want so if you need a vertical layout or a horizontal layout you'll be sure to get what you want and how you want it. It's perfect for a long display of art that sits just above the main living room sofa or from the ceiling down on a fireplace mantle.​
Wall Art for Your Modern Home
This wall decor is ready to be mounted to your walls and includes hardware. It comes in a set of either two round or two straight pieces in a variety of colors and finishes, so grab a few and create the art you want. Bend Goods also provides a custom powder coating option so if you have a unique color in mind dont be shy!

Stylish Storage That Harmonizes With Your Modern Home

Let's get straight to it, BASKETS! Baskets are one of the best ways to decorate in style and organize all at once. Why hide the things you love when you can display them in an organized manner? The baskets we chose come in a trio of sizes so you can keep your needs matching. The Mini Basket18" Basket and 22" Basket are all wire designs made ready to use and come in a variety of finishes. Imagine a shimmering Gold or Copper Basket on your living room or office shelf. The baskets are the epitome of decor and we love them. 
Storage Baskets and Decor

Throw Blankets & Rugs for The Contemporary Home Design

For our final idea for home accents and decor we have Rugs and Throw Blankets. At Bend Goods everyone knows we love patterns and what better way to add patterns and textures to your home. Texturizing your home can add the right amount of detail without overpowering the aesthetic. It especially works well for those who want to keep it simple with a clean mono color scheme. Textures can vary in repetition, weight and material but they can all be the same color. 
Nordic Knots Rugs
Nordic Knot has the best variety of textured rugs for your home project. Seen in the image above is theiFace rug in Warm Ochreand Family in Antique White
"The rug collection combines the warm and vibrant Mediterranean aesthetic with the sharp, understated coolness of the Nordics. Merging old-world richness with contemporary minimalism."

And For The Final Touches

We suggest these fun and welcoming patterned throw blankets by Happy Habitats, Karrie Dean. A company formed by parents on a quest, "Eventually the cosmic sprinkles landed and Happy Habitat Throws were born: eco-friendly, functional art. It felt right."
Happy Habitat Throw Blankets
We admire these perfectly placed patterns and art throws that radiate bold colors and neutrals. There's something for everyone here. ​
Seen in the image above is the Felix in Terracotta and Harmony in Terracotta.
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