Contemporary Chair Designs, Featuring Bend Goods Signature Wire Patterns


Contemporary design today is very similar to Modern design which is a clean minimalist style however contemporary design today has more play in variation of color and texture. Bend Goods signature wire designs are a hybrid design reflecting both modernism and contemporary looks. Below is a quote from The Spruce that defines modern design the best,
"Design of all furnishings and decorative objects should reflect its intended purpose, and if a furnishing, décor, or decorating detail does not have a practical purpose, then it can be eliminated."               

Bend Goods chairs are refined masterpieces, offering maximum comfort, superior durability and minimal material. Each chair has its own unique wire pattern and color variation options.

Contemporary Dining chair Designs by Bend Goods Furniture store


While Bend Goods chairs are minimalist designs, the colors offered will bring that pop of accent to any interior or exterior project. All chairs are made from steel allowing an easy custom color powder coat of your choice. So if you love neon colors or are looking for neutral tones, wire designs allow that flexibility in customization.


Custom color options, chairs seen here show of Neon powder coat!


One Chair stands out the most in Bend Goods furniture line up, and that's the Betty Chair. It's a unique dining chair design. The contour of the body is something not seen often and the playful geometric pattern really makes it stand out from the rest. Also featured, the V-shaped legs that bring elegance to Betty. She sits effortlessly at any dining table design making for a great dining chair set. Her qualities do not end there, she is also a stacking chair! Wahoo Betty!


The Betty Chair, a wire pattern contemporary chair design.


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