Get Ready For Summer by Refreshing Your Outdoor Furniture

Which Patio Set is Best for You?

Spring is almost over and the Summer sun is starting to shine through. Do you know what that means? It's time to clean up our backyards and patio areas from winter months of hibernating. It's our favorite time of the year as we get excited to start summer off right with a new patio set and a fresh landscape. With longer days of warm weather that means more opportunities for outdoor activities and dining.
     Whether you are a restaurant looking for the best commercial grade furniture or a resident on a quest for the perfect stylish lounge set for your patio, we've got you covered. Bend Goods has done the work to make sure you have the best quality tables, chairs, and stools to choose from for your next project. Follow us as we list our top selections for outdoor entertainment with complimentary links to each piece, and why. 
Outdoor Furniture Set Up

Commercial Grade Patio Furniture

What makes the best furniture for outdoor use? Durability is the number one thing to consider, there's an endless amount of stylish chic furniture pieces that get released each year but what makes or breaks our decision is quality. Material is priority. Wrought Iron is one of the best materials to use for outdoors, it's a long lasting metal that provides superior strength allowing your furniture to last a lifetime of use. Every piece we've chosen for you is made 100 percent from wrought iron and is coated with a thick powder coat for extra protection from natural wear and tear.
     The benefit of going with metal is not only durability but easy maintenance, unlike other types made from wood. And when you need to refresh your space, metal chairs can be re-powder coated with a new color making a renovation that much easier. Aluminum is also a great alternative. However, aluminum cannot be easily powder coated so if you are looking for colorful chairs and table sets wrought iron is the way to go. Let's jump right in for our top selections...
Rachel Collection, Patio Set

A Fresh Design, NEW Release

Bar Stools and Chairs for your newest project.

The Rachel Collection consists of all the variations you would need to complete a versatile restaurant interior and exterior design, including both bar and counter height and a side chair version. We've provided you the links below in case you're in a time crunch and need to check them out now. If you'd like to know which table pairing is best with this collection, hang out and continue on. 

Looking For A Matching Outdoor Table

The perfect combo to complete your Patio Set.

We've mentioned durability and custom color options, but Bend Goods Furniture also offers functionality for your convenience. Which brings us to our next feature for commercial furniture. With the Rachel Collection being a lightweight design for easy rearranging we've paired it with The Cafe Table Collection for the ultimate durable and functioning dining set.
     What makes the Cafe Collection so functional is that it's a flat pack design! So you can store extra tables easily in small areas. It's the perfect solution for the seasons, come Summer time you'll be ready. If you're looking for bar dining outside or table seating, the Cafe Collection is for you.
Commercial furniture for the outdoors patio areas

Easily Storable Flat Pack Design

Flat Pack Furniture
The Cafe Table Collection comes in a dining table and bar height. And...if you're specific on the table top shape there's a round and square option. We love Options! Check out the links below:

Calling All Residential Shoppers

We saved our best for last, Outdoor Lounge Sets and everything you'll want to add in between. 

Our top selection for lounging outdoors includes a lounge chair and side table, with the addition of a few "must" items for your outdoor living experience. As mentioned earlier all products are made entirely of wrought iron and powder coated for a durable and stylish design. First off a side table is more than something to place your beverages on; it's a way to express yourself.
     The style of your furniture speaks volume, show your guests a good time with style and function. We chose the Terrazzo Side Table, the base is 100 percent wrought iron, while the top is a beautifully blended terrazzo. It's a full wow factor and is far from most boring table designs. Naturally terrazzo works well outdoors so you dont have to worry. Check out the link below:
Terrazzo side table for patio area
Keeping this summer's collection all wire furniture, next on the list is the Hot Seat Lounge Chair. That's right we said HOT, but dont worry this lounge chair actually helps keep you cool in warmer weather with its wire design you'll get that extra airflow and feel the breeze. Having a few of these loungers placed around your garden or patio area will be a fresh modern revamp.
     It's a low seater similar to mid-century modern furniture with just the right amount of recline so you can relax in style. Pair a few with the Terrazzo Side Table and you are set! Also the Hot Seat has its very own custom fit chair cushion made from Sunbrella Fabric, so if you want to add an accent color or some extra comfort check it out in the links below. 
Patio Lounge Set

Outdoor Summer Items You Never Thought You Needed

A backyard living space is not complete without some final touches and necessities!

Now that we shared with you our top summer furniture design selections, it's only right we throw in two things you'll regret not buying. Or perhaps something you didn't know you needed. Number one is an outdoor RUG! A rug for outdoors really brings your lounge area together in the final design steps. We picked SHORE because they offer a beautiful array of bright and colorful rugs that will go effortlessly with Bend Goods style.
     And for number two...a grill! Just about every Summer activity revolves around food and friends, so if you haven't already take a look at The Original Kamado. Not only does it look neat, it's more than capable of cooking just about anything you can dream of. 
Outdoor living accessories

It's time for you to begin refreshing your outdoor living space!

We are here to help. If you have any questions just send us a message For more information on what wire furniture Bend Goods has to offer stay connected with us on Instagram for the latest news and events @bendgoods
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