Working in a house full of creatives can definitely be interesting at times. As individuals we are always searching for inspiration to fuel the projects that we are working on. The hard part is, as a company our individual ideas have to be unique but still fit together cohesively to tell a brand story. The one thing that we have always agreed on though is music.

To us music is a very powerful creative expression. It has the ability to dictate the mood in almost any environment it's added too. Music has always played a very important roll in our creative process. Many of our craziest ideas have steamed from lyrics or even the beat of a song. Take for instance our first catalog. When we started to brainstorm ideas we were all over the place creatively. Then, our founder, Gaurav heard the song 'Midnight' off of the Coldplay album 'Ghost Stories' and played it for us in the office. Suddenly it all made sense and our ideas took flight. Listen to the song here and check out some of the photos in the gallery on the left. Can you see the inspiration?

On today's Behind the Bend, we thought we would share some of our current musical inspiration with you. Below is our current Bend Playlist. It's songs that are on pretty heavy rotation here at the House right now. With so many projects in the pipeline we need as much influence as we can get, and we hope they bring you some too.


Borns - 10,000 Emerald Pools

Bastille - Bad Blood

Florence + The Machine - Ship To Wreck

Odesza feat. Zara - Say My Name (Jai Wolf Remix)

Clair De Lune feat. Christine Hoberg - Flight Facilities (Motez Remix)

Pretty Lights - One Day They'll Know (Odessa Remix)

Blondie - Rapture

St. Vincent - Digital Witness

Coleman Hell - 2 Heads

Goodwill & Hook N Sling - Take You Higher (Club Mix)














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