One of the most important factors when designing any room has to be its lighting. Lighting not only sets the mood, it also tells your eyes where to look in a design scheme. Lighting is tough because you need it for function, but in many cases it also exists as a piece of furniture in your space. When we set out to design our pendant that was the question we wanted to answer. How do you design a light that looks amazing but is also functional in the space as well?

The answer to that question is our Array Pendant Light. She is big enough to make a statement, but her wire cage like frame allows a small amount of light to go a very long way. Two years after the inception of the Array, we wanted to add to our lighting offerings. We shrank her down and added the second light to our collection the Mini Pendant. Like the Array the Mini has a wire frame but with finishes like chrome and copper, they add a lot of design for their small size.

With today’s post being all about lighting, we thought that we would give you some of our favorites out on the market today. Check out the list below and the corresponding slide show on the top left. Some of the manufactures we are lucky enough to call friends like Cerno and Brenden Ravenhill. The others are designs that we have had our eye on for a little while now. One of them was deigned in 1947 and is still being used in modern design today. In any case, we hope we can help you shed some light on the subject.

Array Pendant by Bend Goods

Mini Pendant by Bend Goods

Abel by Cerno Group

Bare Light by Brendan Ravenhill

Saucer Lamp by George Nelson

Slim 0917 by Vibia

Price Suspension by Artemide

Sky Bang Chandelier by Stickbulb

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