Lucy 1.0 Behind The Bend

Over the last couple of months we have been doing several meet and greets with different design and architecture firms all over California. We've mentioned before how much we enjoy going out and meeting the creatives that use our Goods in their projects. It's really exciting to get an inside look at how their particular machines work. We've come to find out over the years that sentiment is shared by them. We do a short presentation on our background and ethos when we do these meet and greets and everyone really seems to get a kick out of learning where the Goods come from. On today's Behind the Bend, we thought we would give you a little background as well.

If you just recently found out about us, then you might not know that our Lucy Chair is the chair that started it all. Having been inspired by mid-century modern wire furniture from a young age, our founder Gaurav Nanda decided about 8 years ago that he wanted to put his stamp on that industry. He put pen to paper and started to design. As you can tell from the first Lucy iteration above, the Lucy that we know and love today has come a very long way.

The main difference that makes today's Lucy better than her original design is in her seat. Changing the wires from the larger square pattern to the parallel linear pattern that you see present day gave her a more streamlined look but also added a lot of function. Putting the lines as close together as possible adds a comfort level that most wire chairs have never had before. That seat design and thought process became a Bend signature and carried over to the rest of our original collection and continues to be integral to our design process today.






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