THE GEM TONES Behind The Bend

Next to design, the thing we spend the most time thinking about are finishes. We love color and try to stay on the cutting edge of new hues and new technology as they become available. When we started Bend, we offered exclusively powder coated goods. Then about two years ago we took the goods to the next level by launching them in metallic plated finishes. It was hard work developing our gold, chrome and copper but all that hard work definitely paid off in the end. The question now is, where do we go from here? We found the answer while on a routine visit to our local powder coating facility. Our powder manufacture of choice, Tiger released a line of transparent finishes that we are calling the Gem Tones. The Gem Tones give you the same shinny metallic quality as a plated finish but add the vibrant colors that you get from powder coating. As you can see from the slide show on the left, the Gems give our stacking Lucy a whole new dimension. Achieving the Gem Tones is actually a two stage, or two finish process. First we apply a chrome plated finish to the chair. Once the chrome is set and polished, we then add the second transparent coating that has the tint of color in it. That clear coat is then baked on the same way a powder coat is. The end result is a brightly colored finish with the shine of a polished metal. The Gem Tones are truly one of a kind and take the goods to the next level. Please note that we are currently only offering them as a custom order. If you have any questions about these or any of our other finishes, email us at SHARE

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