HOMES BY 1962 Behind The Bend

We’re sure that you can tell from our design aesthetic and in-house photography, that as a team we are pretty big fans of all things mid-century modern. The era, that encompasses the mid-20th century developments in modern design, architecture and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965, has always been a huge source of inspiration to us. We spend a lot of time on different channels of social media searching for images and dreaming about the time period. When we ran across an account on Instagram called Homes By 1962, we couldn’t help but stop and do a little digging. By name alone, we figured that we had found a gem. In reality, what we found was truly a company after our own heart.

Homes By 1962 was founded by Allison Irwin, who had spent more then 15 years in luxury home sales in the Phoenix Arizona area. Like in Los Angeles, there is a great catalog of mid-century modern architecture in Phoenix and it’s surrounding suburbs. Irwin decided to take her love of real estate and combine it with her passion for design, and start to rehab these beautiful homes in and around Phoenix. She finds properties “rich with potential for renovating into a style inspired by mid-century modern design elements - simplicity, efficient use of space and uncomplicated, organic aesthetics.” After finding her diamond in the rough, Allison dives in and does a full renovation of the property. The spirit always remains but the homes technology and style are brought into the 21st century in a perfect cohesion.

We have been lucky enough to have some of our Goods incorporated into projects by Homes By 1962. Most recently our very first gold Array Pendant was used in an open concept kitchen renovated in a ranch style home. You can see this kitchen along with some of the before and after photos of 1962’s great work in the gallery to the right. We think that what Allison Irwin, and her team of construction professionals, is doing is awesome and truly inspiring. It’s a great reminder that there are homes right in our own backyards that with a little hard work, determination and creativity can have life breathed back into them. We can’t wait to see which lucky property is next to get some Homes By 1962 love.

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