How can it possibly be December already? This year, for Bend has been a pretty big one, and it's looking like next year is going to be even bigger. We have so many projects in development that we can't wait to tell you about. One project in particular has us doing a lot of research and shopping in the home goods area. We promise that this project will be revealed soon, but in the mean time, we thought our research can be used for your benefit. Below is the first ever Bend Goods official Holiday Gift Guide. Our gift guide includes a new release for us and a handful of products from makers whom we are lucky enough to call friends. Whether you end up finding something for yourself or someone on this years gift list, we think everyone will love these products!

Bend Goods - Captain Chair

We're so excited to announce that our Captain Chair is now available in copper. It has the same glamor and sparkle as her gold counter part, but with a little more of a free spirit.

Boyce Studio - The Sidecar

We love everything that Boyce Studio does. To us, there is nothing out there like the Sidecar though. It's a great gift, whose simple design adds a modern touch with a lot of character to any workspace.

Of The Wolves - Handmade Arrows

Our long time collaborator, Lady Lu of the Wolves is truly one of our favorite artisans out there today. We love her dreamcatchers and we have a beautiful piece of her antler art in the Bend House. We put her Arrows on our list because they will definitely be our next gift to ourselves.

Brendan Ravenhill - Grain Table Lamp

Brendan Ravenhill makes some out our favorite lighting on the market today. We think that the Grain Table Lamp is striking for it's small package and would make a great gift for pretty much anyone on your list.

Heath Ceramics - Stan Bitters Birdhouse

Having been our go-to for tile inspiration for as long as we can remember, Heath also has a number of ceramic accessories. Their birdhouses add a modern, functional and yet understated touch to any garden space they are incorporated into.

Wolf - Honeycomb Tray

A company after our own heart, Wolfum definitely isn't afraid of color or strong patterns. We can't get enough of the color palette and design in their Honeycomb Trays.

Souda - Kawa Dish in gold

We've been friends with Souda since the beginning and have always loved their products. We've given Kawa Dishes as gifts for a number of different occasions and everyone goes crazy for them. For that reason, we would recommend the Kawa as a gift for someone you need to buy for but maybe don't know well. Trust us, they will love it!

Hex - Calibre Camo Origin Backpack

And this last one is for us. We love Hex and we love this camo print. The Calibre Camo Origin Backpack is at the top of our wish list this year.

















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