Episode 5: Gaurav Builds a House with an Eccentric Contractor

Episode 5: Gaurav Builds a House with an Eccentric Contractor

Welcome back to the latest episode of "Gaurav Builds a House," where the journey of my home-building project takes a surprising turn with a dash of drama that could rival any reality TV show.

In the pursuit of the perfect contractor, I interviewed a dozen candidates, only to discover that quotes in the construction world are as diverse as emojis on your favorite chat app. Seeking guidance, I enlisted the wisdom of my designer and architect friends—seasoned collaborators with contractors, providing a solid foundation for my quest.

As the quotes came in, I delved beyond the bottom line, scrutinizing completed projects and talking to past clients. Effective communication was key – a dream team contractor needed to resonate with me and deliver a show-stopping performance. I visited a few of their past projects, and evaluating their attention to detail and quality in person became crucial. Finally, I settled on a contractor recommended by a trustworthy source.

Now, brace yourselves for the real drama. The contractor I chose turned out to be a husband and wife team, and as the project unfolded, the couple went through a messy divorce. The wife, with her quirky charm, took center stage, transforming from a contractor into my unconventional friend. Picture this: I'll never forget her analogy, likening the house to a human body, claiming you won't truly understand its secrets until you crack it open.

Every day brought laughs and crazy drama – if we had filmed it, we'd have had the top-rated show. She loved being on the job site to escape troubles at home, and I had a vision to create. It was an odd team dynamic, but it worked... kind of. I even became her pseudo-therapist.

While she juggled with subcontractors, I made it a point to be at the construction site daily, witnessing the magic unfold. Simultaneously managing various projects with Bend Goods and a bustling staff demanded my attention. Amidst the chaos, there was a thrill in watching the house transform from a state of demolition to a rebirth.


  • Construction quotes vary widely, requiring wisdom and guidance to navigate effectively.

  • Communication is paramount – a dream team contractor resonates and delivers a show-stopping performance

  • Visiting contractors' past projects - Quality craftsmanship and a harmonious personality are essential traits to look for

  • Embrace the drama and quirks – every construction project has its unique story. Witnessing the transformation from demolition to rebirth is a thrilling experience


Stay tuned for more wild adventures in the next episode of Gaurav Builds a House!

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