Durable Furniture and The Benefits of Sustainable Design

Wire Furniture Has Been A Hot Item Recently For All Applications Including Indoors!...and of Course Outdoors
Summer is here and nothing is better than enjoying your free time outside in the warmer weather. Wire furniture is more than accommodating while entertaining family and guests on your back patio or backyard area and it has several benefits over other materials.
     Wire chairs work excellent outdoors, and surprisingly also look sophisticated and classy indoors. There's countless benefits for choosing metal over other fabrication materials like wood, plastic and upholstery. Besides the versatile aesthetic and longevity, metal furniture is also sustainably more responsible. Continue on for links provided to each product featured. 
Why metal is the best option for Furniture Design Today
The Get Together Table a Contemporary Design that's sustainable. The most important reason to opt for metal is that metal furniture lasts a lifetime. It can be easily recycled and upcycled. And when trends change you can re-powder coat for any color option you could want. Its welded structure requires far less hardware and material processing that requires harsh chemicals that often end up in our ecosystem harming wildlife and humans. 
     The Get-Together Table is a versatile piece that is designed to be styled indoors as a formal dining table as well as enjoyable outdoors for an afternoon lunch. Its build is strong and comes in a variety of sizes so if you're looking for a larger table or a few smaller square tables for commercial furniture this is for you. The glass top is tempered glass for optimal strength.
The Get Together Table in White paired with wire chairs that are White and Yellow.
The Get-Together Table 38"x38" in White
Featuring: The Rachel Chair in Yellow & Wood Wire in White
Mindful Purchase
Metal furniture can come in all different varieties; chairs, tables, lounge chairs, ottomans, lighting and even décor! So don't let the idea deter you from exploring sustainable home goods for your next interior or exterior project. Check out some ideas we've collected for you to show how well wire designs work indoors and outdoors, Enjoy. 
The Bunny Lounge chair, a wire design featured in Black and White colors.
The Bunny Lounge Chair in Black (Left-Indoor) and White (Right-Outdoors)
The Lucy Bar Stools in metallic Copper and White, shown inside a kitchen and outside at a bar.
The Lucy Bar Stool in Metallic Copper (Left-Indoor)
& The Stacking Lucy Bar Stool in White (Right-Outdoor)
The Hot Seat, a wire lounge chair in electric Blue color. Shown inside a home and outside in a residential backyard.
The Hots Seat in Electric Blue
The Rachel Bar Stool in Black and Yellow colors. Shown inside at a kitchen bar and outside with the Cafe Bar Table in Yellow.
The Rachel Bar Stool in Black (Left-Indoor)
& The Rachel stool in Yellow (Right-Outdoor)
Now that you've seen our examples, let's see yours! Below for your convenience are links to each product featured in today's Blog. 
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