Bend Goods' Betty Chairs featured at TikTok's Los Angeles HQ

Bend Goods' Betty Chairs featured at TikTok's Los Angeles HQ

In the heart of Silicon Beach, on the Westside of Los Angeles boasting over 500 tech companies, TikTok has found a new home for its L.A. office—a cutting-edge workspace spanning five floors. The office showcases exceptional design, with Bend Goods' Betty chairs taking center stage on the outdoor balconies.

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Collaborating with Gensler, a prestigious architecture and design firm, TikTok strategically established its new office in Culver City in January 2020 with the aim of creating a superb workspace for its employees. This space serves as a testament to TikTok's dynamic and creative ethos. Embracing a fully open floor plan, the office is designed to foster collaboration and creativity. Conference rooms, private phone booths, and a stadium-style presentation space cater to diverse work needs. Additionally, the cafeteria offers delicious free lunch, and outdoor solar panels contribute to the office's eco-friendly initiatives. Terraces seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor work environments, reflecting a contemporary approach to office design.

Bend Goods' iconic Betty chairs, known for their thin wire triangle lines and ergonomic comfort, grace the balcony of the campus, immediately capturing the attention of anyone driving by outside. Spotted here by TikTok user: cutelittleo



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Bend Goods is excited to be a part of another tech company's design by architect Gensler. The Betty chairs play a pivotal role in transforming TikTok's L.A. office into a tech haven, providing not only style and comfort but also aligning seamlessly with TikTok's culture of innovation. Learn more about the Indoor & Outdoor Betty Dining Chair today here


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