Living in Los Angeles can be interesting at times. It’s not uncommon to be sitting in a line of traffic, while the road is being blocked by some production filming a movie scene. Or you can be grocery shopping and end up grabbing for the same box of cereal as the musician you were just listening to on your way there. This weekend was one of those weekends when Kayne West decided to premiere his new music video at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or LACMA (for all you locals).

The video was directed by Steve McQueen, whose most recent film ’12 Years a Slave’ received critical acclaim and a number of awards. The nine minute short film combined two of West’s songs ‘All Day’ and ‘I Feel Like That’, and was shot in a dockyard warehouse just outside of London. All nine minutes of the video were shot in one take in a revolving motion where West sings to and interacts directly with the camera.

The presentation was simple. A projection screen was suspended in the middle of a large gallery in the museums Broad Contemporary building. The video was being projected on both sides of the screen with standing room only all around. Four oversized speakers sat in each corner of the room blasting the soundtrack that could be heard throughout the whole building. It was a spectacle for sure, but still had a simplicity that was not expected from the likes of Kanye West.

All in all, it was a pretty enjoyable experience. Say what you will about Kanye, we appreciate his out of the box approach to everything that he does. We definitely have our notes with regards to this particular performance piece, but we give him a lot of credit for trying something new and for keeping the world talking.

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