A New Home For Bend

Today is an exciting day for us here at Bend Goods. It is the first official day that we are working out of the Bend Goods Pointy House. You'll remember the "Pointy House" from it's "Color Lab" heyday earlier this year. We did some great photoshoots and had one successful rager then immediately went into renovation mode. We've given you glimpses of the progress along the way but trust us, you haven't seen anything yet.

With the major construction complete, the next month or so will have us working out the details. It's all styling and interior design from this point on. As you can see from the photo, we are moving the Goods in slowly but have a ways to go before it's at Bend standards. We also have some really great makers and products that we plan to showcase in the space along with our furniture. Stay tuned for updates along the way and keep your calendars open for the first week of December. We have big plans for the official launch which will give you a detailed look inside the Bend world.

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