The Art of Fall

For most of us in the northern hemisphere fall is settling in. For those of us who live in the southern California area though, fall doesn’t bring about too much more than slightly cooler temperatures. Well cooler some of the time. With the indoor/outdoor season encompassing most of the year, we are always looking for new ways to have fun with the fall trends but more theoretically than out of necessity. We found this great article on My Domain called “This Inspiring Home Trend Brings the Outdoors In” and we have to tell you there are some truly inspired tips for fall living in all climates. We’re giving you are top 4 below, but we highly recommend you click HERE and read the rest. It was hard picking just 4.

"Time to bring the outdoors in and get ready for your best fall season yet—cozy bliss awaits.”

FACE THE OUTDOORS Reposition your sofa to face outside. If you have evergreen trees to look at, even better. Gazing outdoors when confined inside will make you appreciate your own comfort that much more.

HANG IT HIGH Hang your plants high and near windows to create the illusion of greenery outside. Not only will your plants grow better, you'll also breathe better with fresh oxygen flowing through the plants' leaves.

CREATE CONTINUITY To give yourself the illusion of being outside, create continuity between your outdoor area and its connecting indoor room. Have a plant box that lines the side of your house? Place a wood credenza indoors and match the look.

ADD A TREE The most obvious way to bring the outdoors inside in colder months is to add a tree to your décor. Even if the leaves are falling outside, your living room will be full of greenery.

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