2017 Color Trends

by Eric Stauble

It's crazy to say that 2016 is already coming to a close. Between releasing our second collection one piece each month and our first ever international trade-show tour that is about to take us to Dubai next week, this year has flown by. Like many of you we are starting to do our research on design trends for the coming year. We are always curious which ones we will be inspired by and which we will go against.

Since we try and stick to designing classics when it comes to furniture, we are typically more interested in the colors that will be infiltrating our favorite lines. Always on the forefront of what's cool, Elle Decor recently released an article entitled "These Are The Colors Everyone Will Be Talking About In 2017." We're happy to say, some of our color-ways are already represented. Below are the top 4 colors we are looking forward to, three that we are representing, but you can go HERE for the rest. What colors are you most excited for?





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  • I think I would choose the sunshine yellow. I have to say, I am looking forward to next years trends coming to life. I’ve seen a lot of predictions that parallel one another. Taking all of these ideas and tips into consideration, it will be easier for one to show furnishing companies what they are looking for in their new living spaces. There’s a company literally called Furnishr [http://furnishr.com/about_us] who go from sourcing furniture for a client all the way to assembling the furniture. All the prospective client will need to do is show them what they would like their desired room to look like! I will take your information into consideration if ever I decide to take this step in furnishing a room in my home:) Thanks again and have a great evening

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