Bend Goes to Trois MecBehind The Bend

If there is something that we love more than design, its food. Luckily for us, our pieces have been used as decor in some of Los Angeles’ best restaurants - most notably Trois Mec. If you aren’t familiar, Trois Mec is Chef Ludo Lefebrev’s visionary restaurant that brings to life contemporary updates to traditional French foods and techniques. Trois Mec exclusively serves a tasting menu to patrons who purchase tickets ahead of time. This approach allows the restaurant to take you on a culinary journey while you sit in our Lucy Chairs!

A few members of our team headed to Trois Mec to celebrate our co-workers birthday and were blown away by the experience. The meal began with homemade bread alongside a trio of butters and amuse bouche of Madeleine Cookies. As we ate our way through the night dishes like Smoked Beet Tartae with Onion Creme Fraiche, Eel, and Caviar kept exceeding our expectations. Courses of Pork Toro and Steamed Turbot finished off the savory part of the meal before Smoked Gelato with Apple Butter and Cider Caramel came along to satisfy our sweet craving.

By the end of the meal, we were all so full that we were testing the weight capacity of the Lucy Chairs we sat in! Trois Mec and Chef Ludo had us raving and reminded us of how amazing the Los Angeles food scene has become. Check out Trois Mec’s website here to purchase tickets and see our Lucy Chairs in action!

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