The Blue Lagoon: Take Us Back

We've only been back from Iceland for a couple of weeks, but given how much we miss the Blue Lagoon, it seems like an eternity. We feel like we've bothered our friends and family enough with our constant references, so we thought we would give you a little recap and background. The Blue Lagoon transcends your typical spa experience adding in an element of natural healing for both your body and your soul that is life changing on every level.

First some history. The Blue Lagoon was formed in 1976 during operation at the nearby geothermal power plant. In the years that followed, people began to bathe in the unique water and apply the silica mud to their skin. Those with psoriasis noticed an incredible improvement in their condition. Over the years, Blue Lagoon has been innovative in harnessing this gift of nature to develop different spa services and products. Today, Blue Lagoon is recognized as one of the wonders of the world.

Today people come from all over the world to soak in the magical waters of the Blue Lagoon, making it Iceland's number one attraction. The experience being there in person is truly other-worldly. You feel like you've entered another dimension. The facility that is surrounding the lagoon currently is pretty modern and incorporates steel, wood and lava rock to creating a stark contrast to the glowing blue waters. At times you feel like you are at the evil lair of a James Bond villain, but for every reason happy to be there. Having seen some cranes at work in close proximity, we inquired and found out that a pretty awesome hotel is set to open it's doors later in 2017. I guess we are just going to have to head back and see what all the new fuss is about.

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