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Collaborating with other designers, artists, and creatives is something that we thoroughly enjoy here at Bend. When we met Tyler Jorgenson of Wax Surf Co. our wheels started turning and our teams came up with the perfect idea: The Wax Side Table. Tyler’s expertise in surfboard design and fabrication allowed him to design the bespoke resin tabletops used for the piece. The fabrication process is complex and can is best understood by observing in-person. So we hopped in the car and drove down to Tyler’s fabrication space in Orange County to discover the magic behind the resin tops!

Crafting surfboard resin requires a lot of technical skill to produce a beautiful finished product. The multistep process begins with pouring the leftover resin used to make Wax Surf Co.’s surfboard into a specially shaped mold. After the resin sets, the technician begins by sanding down the resin until the excess is eliminated. Watching the tabletop slowly appear from under the layers of dusty resin was like watching someone uncover a precious artifact. As each layer of dust was removed and the excess resin covered our clothes we began to see the brilliant and unexpected marbleized pattern appear.

A few hours and some ruined pairs of pants later and the resin table top was finished! Seeing this process made us appreciate the Wax Side Table collaboration even more and started percolating more ideas in our heads. Stay tuned for more collaborations in future with Wax Surf Co. and check out the Wax Side Table available for purchase in our online shop!



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