A Bending ThanksgivingBehind The Bend

Countdown to the big day continues. We think we can all agree that this has been one crazy month. This Thanksgiving, more than ever, we think it's important to take the day to really remember what we have to be thankful for. In times like these it's important to rally around our friends and family and find ways to boost each other up and remind each other that our voices are being heard and do matter. For us, today we are thankful for each and ever one of you and all of the ways that you teach and inspire us on a daily basis. We couldn't be here doing what we love every day with out your support and for that we are truly grateful.

Ok, enough with the sentiment for now. We have a whole day of that tomorrow to look forward to. Today we are here to get you ready. We are doing some last minute research to make sure that no details are left uncovered. Below are some of the tips that we have found and are going to be using in our design schemes this year. Some of the tips are tried and true and others we will be using for the first time. We hope they help add some design to your day and we here at Bend wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Greet visitors using a thrift store find like a vintage metal tray coated with chalkboard paint and writing a welcoming message on it. Or go for a more traditional autumn wreath featuring fallen leaves.


Lay out the welcome mat (and more) for holiday guests. Pumpkins, mums and stalks of corn can dress up the front walk, and mini pumpkins add an unexpected surprise on top of window ledges.


Stock up on flint corn, permissions and pomegranates to put together a centerpiece in a pinch. Heaped in a pretty bowl on the coffee table, or stacked on a cake stand in the dining room, the produce speaks for itself.


White pumpkins offer a subtle alternative to their brightly-colored cousins. Line 'em up on a wooden board for a perfectly rustic display.


When you have polished wooden frames that look this pretty, you clearly can skip the extra work of displaying a photo. Instead, use them as a backdrop for pumpkins and a bunting.

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