Bend x Sweetfin PokeBehind The Bend

Partnering with other businesses is always exciting for the Bend team. So when Sweetfin Poke asked us to develop a product to be used in their restaurants, we couldn't say anything but yes. If you’re not familiar with Sweetfin, it is a Poke centric restaurant featuring the freshest fish and even fresher Interior Design. When given the freedom to develop a piece for the company, we focused on creating something with varying utility. The Sweetfin team wanted something that was identifiably ‘Bend’ but also something that went along with their crisp aesthetic. It occurred to us that a piece that could be used as both a seat and a table would be ideal for a small sized dining space. After developing multiple concepts we landed on the perfect design: the Sweet Stool.

The Sweet Stool features a base made of our signature metal wire and a white oak wood top. This little guy has been used in almost all of Sweetfin’s locations across Los Angeles and continues to be a favorite with the owners and customers of the restaurants. Drop by any Sweetfin location across Los Angeles to see the Sweet Stool in person and eat sweet while you sit sweet!

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