The Wrapping CollectionBehind The Bend

by Hugh Long

Thinking outside the box is one of the most important parts of designing furniture. When we designed the first pieces for the Bend line, we never dreamed that we would be able to expand to include such a diverse collection of shapes and styles. This commitment to keeping our customers on their toes pushed us to create the next installment for Bend: The Wrapping Collection.

The Wrapping Collection features Bend’s first fully upholstered pieces including the Sectional Sofa, Lounge Chair, Bench, and Bed. These pieces were originally designed to outfit the Bend Pointy House after we finished the renovation. The curved bay window in the central room of the house presented a challenge when furnishing the space that led to the genesis of the Wrapping Sectional. These curves reference the shape of the wire pieces produced by Bend and accent the other common motifs between the Wrapping pieces and the rest of the Bend line. Tying together these various parts of our line was a challenge; however, this allowed us to create upholstery that is far from the standards set by the industry.

Like all other Bend pieces, this Collection is customizable in almost every way. A variety of fabric options, including Tweed and Sunbrella, will allow these pieces to blend seamlessly into any design scheme. The Collection is now shopable on our website! Peruse the pieces to discover what Bend upholstery is all about and comment below to let us know your thoughts.




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