THE BEND LABBehind The Bend

On Instagram yesterday we gave you a sneak peak at some color experimenting that we are currently doing at a “top secret” location. We love photography and all things creative. When we started thinking about this new collection, we really wanted to challenge ourselves. Our last catalog was so much fun to make because we creative directed the entire thing in-house. To us the process is the rewarding part of creativity, not just the end result. So the question remained, how do we go in a completely fresh and new direction but still somehow top our last work.

The answer, is simple. Again, we keep it in-house, but this time we stay in that house. Late last year we acquired another property for our team to use as a sort of creative laboratory. We call it the "Bend Lab". Currently the Lab is a space for us to experiment and create with. As you can see from the photo gallery above, our current experimentation is with color. The Lab is a color explosion in every room. You’ll see the experiment unfold over the next couple weeks on our social media channels. It will all lead up to the second product launch from our new collection at the end of the month, and an event where photography will be strongly encouraged. There is so much fun and color coming, we can hardly contain ourselves.

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