All this talk about color has us thinking pretty deep about our favorite shades. Luckily House Beautiful is right on our wave length. They published an article that tells you "The Sneaky Things Your Favorite Color Says About you." We think they are pretty right on, but see below for yourself. What color are you these days?


While this charming color speaks to your fanciful side, you don't let it eclipse your strength. It may be because having a love of pink is one of those innocuous things that gets a weirdly strong reaction (and judgment) from others. You're more than able to silence the critics with your confidence.


Cool and analytical, you tend to take a beat and examine the rational side of things before reacting emotionally. (You’re also the person who can impressively do calculations in your head.) Yet, you can appreciate beauty, starting with the simplest things in the world around you.


You don’t mind that it’s cliche: You’re a cheery, optimistic person. You believe that it “takes all kinds,” and feel that life’s too short to get mired in petty drama or judgement. Of course, you don’t mind a good gossip. Overall, you’re a treasured friend to everyone.


You're a deep thinker that reads into everything. While your goth years may be a distant memory (or not), You never quite shook the convention-busting side of your personality. You can't understand why anyone would want to just fit in when they could stand out - Whether it's through decor, fashion, or even in the workplace. Why be boring?


Your 10 a.m. is other peoples noon. You're up before the sunrise and haven't needed to depend on caffeine since college - and even that was just during finals. Energetic? Yes. But you're also highly organized, efficient, and detailed oriented. You always notice when a friend gets a haircut.


Artistic and highly creative, you're the very definition of a "maximalist." You like to surround yourself with lots and lots of things: souvenirs from travels, mementos from the past, and plenty of books. To you, even ordinary items have something remarkable to celebrate, and it pains you when other don't understand. It's particularly difficult for you to declutter.


Naysayers will call you "intense," but we prefer to say "passionate." You don't live lightly, and proudly show (and share) your feelings with anyone. This means you make friends easily, but also enemies. Do you mind this? Not one bit. You'd rather know that someone isn't worth your time right off the bat.


Blue is often the "ying" to your "yang." You gravitate towards the calming color as a subconscious way to balance your busy life. You're gregarious, hard-working but, above all, overscheduled. You never want to let others down, and feel bad when you can't come through for someone else.


You're a rarity: One of the few that understand the virtues of brown. To you, this color is as vital as fertile earth, right in character as rustic wood, and comforting as a favorite leather reading chair. You're undeniably introverted, preferring the company of books, nature, and perhaps a workshop instead of a loud party. But, you're not the least self-conscious about it. You know who you are, and have a strength that comes across to all that meet you.


You look forward to the future instead of getting mired in nostalgia. It's not that you lack sentiment. You'd just rather embrace the possibilities that tomorrow brings (and all the tech to come). Though you're practical above all else, you do appreciate elegance. For you, this means clean lines, graceful proportions, and the soothing geometry of modern design.


Your home reflects serenity - and order. Nothing delights you more than having a place for everything, and everything in it's place. White precisely highlights the care you put into your life, from the pristine sheets in your relaxing bedroom to the perfect subway tiles in the kitchen. Though you are indeed a perfectionist, you're also quite sensitive. To this end, white helps you unwind, giving your eye (and mind) a break.

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