When we first premiered the Hot Seat back in 2015 each chair was custom made-to-order with lengthy lead times. Although the original version was stunning, we always wanted to make this piece more accessible for customers. To achieve this our design team set out to modify the original design so that it would be producible for the general market. After many months of work - we finally created on our new Hot Seat design! 


The new design features multiple updates that help with customer accessibility! With a decreased overall depth and width, the Hot Seat is now perfect for tighter spaces such as apartments and small balconies. In addition to size changes, the Hot Seat is now available in four standard colors: White, Black, Peachy Pink, and Electric Blue. 

Lastly (and most importantly) the Hot Seat is now more affordable with a decreased retail price! This piece has officially launched in our shop and is in stock for ordering. Click here for our hottest piece yet!


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