With a list a mile long of objectives and goals - the Bend team has been working on all cylinders to check the most important boxes. Number 1 on our list was updating our website to more accurately reflect our brand image. After hearing feedback from customers and our team, it became apparent that our website needed a refresh - and now the new and improved site has launched! has been redesigned to include features tailored to be user friendly. New swatch systems, large scale imagery, and new product descriptions have all been added for your shopping (and viewing) pleasure! We hope that this change will make the Bend Goods shopping experience easier for you and for all future customers.



Our final update (and the one we are super excited about!) is our updated blog! After years of using a simplified format, we graduated to an updated system that allows us to show you as many images, videos, and media links as we like. In short - you get to see much more content of much higher quality!



If you’re as excited about these updates as you are take a moment to check out the rest of the new website by clicking here. Enjoy!

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