It's hard for us to even believe, but here it is! The Bend Goods Second Collection in full and pictured completely together. Releasing this collection during the last year has been extremely fun and also challenging at the same time. We are so proud of each piece though and very glad that they got their individual moment to shine. We are also incredibly excited to see them all together as one cohesive collection shot in the final piece of our puzzle, the Bend Goods Pointy House. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect place for this collection to call home.

2016 was such a rollercoaster of a year. There were so many ups and downs throughout. We have our sights set on 2017 though and like many of you we are anxious about the uneasy climate in this country and around the world. We are going to do our part to keep pushing forward and keep the message of originality and creativity in the forefront as always. We have some new pieces in the works for next year that will take us into new territories that we have yet to explore. Our plan is to keep pushing forward and stay positive and hope that if enough of that energy is put out into the world, there will be no stopping it. It's time for us to be the change this world needs!

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