We are finally back and recovered from our annual trek to New York for Design week, and we have so much to fill you in on. Not only was the show a huge success but Design Week in general seems to have take on a life of it’s own in the city, and we loved every minute of it.

Our week in the big city started with what is becoming an annual tradition for us, The Brimfield Flea Market. Roughly two and a half hours outside Manhattan there is a small town in Massachusetts called Brimfield. Most of the year you would drive through this small farming town and not even realize that you had. That is definitely not the case three times a year during their annual Flea Markets though, where you are hard pressed to even find a parking spot. During the market dates, the local farmers rent out booth space to vintage dealers and put on what seems like the biggest vintage market in the world. Don’t quote us on the size but it’s huge and a must see for anyone who loves vintage.

The following day we were back in the city, inspired and ready to get to work. We spent the days leading up to ICFF at the Javits Center getting the booth tradeshow ready. In the evenings we made our way through all of the design week festivities. We have to say, the off-sites like Wanted Design and Sight Unseen really outdid them selves this year. They mixed designs from emerging talent, with archive pieces from bigger companies in one space pretty seamlessly. There was much to be inspired by.

After spending the week immersed Design, it was finally our turn to shine. Our ICFF booth this year was a departure for us. Not only were we showing bigger pieces then we ever had, but we also brought along our company video to project on the walls of the booth. Everything from the designs to the new colors and the video were all big hits. The Love Seat and Hot Seat definitely stole the show and had everyone lounging all day long.

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