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There is really no sugarcoating it, the world is full of anxiety these days. Whether you are part of a growing design firm like us or a single mom just trying to keep food on the table, we all have responsibilities, distractions and a crazy political world giving us anxiety. Now there are the normal ways that you can combat that with the help of pharmaceuticals, but you know that we love to solve every problem with some good old design. House Beautiful, a publication that we use regularly to put a smile on our faces, has put together a list called 'How to Decorate If You Have Anxiety' and we have to tell you the slideshow alone made us feel better. We love them all so we are just giving you one through five below, but go HERE and check out the rest. Even if you only find one tip to apply to your work or living space, we think it will be well worth it.


According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, house plants(especially flowering ones like Anthurium) help decrease stress levels. Now that's something just about every room in your home could use, right?


Even if you typically veer toward bright and eye-catching colors, those hues could ramp up your anxiety at home. Meanwhile, bluehas been proven to reduce blood pressure and make you feel sleepy and less stressed, which sounds especially appealing for bedrooms.


This isn't a hard rule, but filling up your home with books and knick knacks creates a cluttered environment, which leads to an increased level of cortisol (a stress hormone), according to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Talk about a good reason to embrace empty space.


Just like clutter can be overwhelming and lead to excessive cortisol, you might want to limit how many patterns you mix and match in your home too. Skip the polka dots and stripes and go with solids to create a calming environment that won't rev up your anxiety.


Did you know excess noise causes excess stress? Now that's not good for someone who already struggles with anxiety. So to help yourself cut the habit of clicking on the TV as soon as you get home, keep it stashed away in a media cabinet.

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