Chicago was a blast, but now it's back to LA for Dwell on Design. Luckily this show was home here in Los Angeles, CA, so we polished up the Copper Lucy and headed down to the Convention Center What makes this show different than the rest is they do what is called an outdoor area which is where we decided to be this year. This year the outdoor area was done by Shades of Green out of San Francisco. The team at Shades of Green did an impeccable job with the greenery and even used a good amount of our product to stage the space. Those are our Arrows you see on the boxes in the below photo. They used about 30 of them all over the outside. They also did seating areas with a couple of our drum tables and Bunny and Farmhouse Lounges. They really did a great job with the space they were given.

eaving the typical trade show booth set up and heading into to the outdoor area of Dwell on Design was definitely the right move. The atmosphere was really fun and energetic! We ended up behind a prefab by a company called Wheel Haus. The reclaimed wood styling of their modular cabin made for the perfect back-drop for our bright and colorful wire chairs. They even took a couple Peacock Lucy Chairs and put them on the front porch and let us hang a white Gazelle on the back wall. We also decided to make a really fun 3D sign out of our logo which made a really great design statement. As for our goods, we swapped in some orange Counter and Bar Stools and switched the legs on two of our Farmhouses to give them a whole new look. The Copper Lucy, Captain chair and the baskets were definitely the big hits out of the show. Listening to the plans that people have for our baskets is always fun. Our customers always come up with the most creative ways to use our products and we absolutely love it!

The final collaboration out of the trade show season had us working with an amazing carpet company called FLOR. They are a modular carpet company where you piece together the design of the carpet by piecing together pre-cut squares as almost a giant usable jigsaw puzzle. That way when you spill or your puppy has an accident, Harley we’re talking to you, you can just replace one square and not the whole rug. So they gave us some tiles which we had a lot of fun with as you can tell, and they took two Bunny Chairs and a coffee table. They are a great team with a really great product. You should definitely check them out.

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