BEND HOUSE Behind The Bend

We hope that this finds everyone having an amazing summer! What a crazy and busy summer it has been on our end. We are proud to say that Bend has been growing leaps and bounds. We are working on so many new products and ventures that earlier this year we finally decided that our work space needed to grow to match the growth of our business. For the last six months or so we have been looking for a new place for Bend to call home, and we are happy to finally announce and show you the Bend Goods House.

Bend started in the living area of the loft where our founder and designer, Gaurav Nanda lived. It's been an amazing space for both design and creativity. For four years we have done photo-shoots, had conference calls, meetings and brainstorm sessions, all in what should have been Gaurav's living room. Though we will miss the loft, the time has finally come for Bend to come home.

A few weeks ago, the search for the next step for Bend Goods finally came to an end. We officially left the loft in Marina Del Rey to head east to the Bend Goods House in West Hollywood, California. We chose a house over a traditional showroom set up because Bend has become a way of living. Bend has gone from being a line of stylish and colorful chairs to the inspiration and motivation for creating stylish and colorful lives.

We started Bend with the idea that we would create stylish and edgy modern furniture that would also be comfortable, durable and functional. We wanted to create forever pieces that will live with you throughout your entire life. Living in Southern California, we spend as much time outside as we do inside and therefore it made sense to us to make Bend a line that works anywhere you can imagine it going. In the last four years, for us Bend has become as much a life style as it is a furniture company. We promise to continue to create exciting and beautiful furniture for the Bend House and lives.

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