One of our favorite aspects about working in furniture design is getting to be part of the design process of a brand new space. Whether it’s a restaurant, home or office, it’s really fun to get to see where our goods end up and how they are applied in a space. One of the latest projects that we were able to be a part of is Ottawa, Canada’s newest hot spot, Carben Food + Drink.

The spelling of "Carben" (also relevant to the sixth chemical element, carbon) is a creative combination of both owner's and spouse's names, Caroline Ngo and Kevin Benes. Carbon is the element that is found in all living things. The owners wanted an expressive and modern menu that, like all living things, would be ever evolving.

As for the space, designed locally by designer Shannon Smithers-Gay from the firm One80 Design, Carben has a modern and rustic design with some industrial touches throughout. Thanks to our local Ottawa retailer, The Modern Shop, our Array Pendant, lighting fixtures are the ceiling lamps for the restaurants main dining room. We love the way the white wire orbs stand out in the space with an otherwise dark color pallet. All in all, we absolutely love the restaurant's design and wish them much success in the future.



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